Parents, Students, Board, Administration: Working Together!

Thanks to our school board and administration!

Thursday December 18, 2009 was a tremendous example of how the school board, administration, and the public can work together in a positive and constructive manner. In a standing room only meeting, the Gilbert Community showed incredible passion for their music programs. We are deeply grateful to Board President Thad Stump, the board, and the administration for taking the time to hear us through and for giving thoughtful and respectful consideration to what we had to say. Our biggest take away is that the music programs that we feel are so critical and central to the educational experience really are are at risk in the coming months and years, primarily due to shortfalls in state education funding. We look forward to working in collaboration with the board and administration in indentifying and addressing the sources of that risk. Our goal is to organize the huge passion among parents and students in Gilbert in order to help our board meet these risks and the coming challenges with an eye to problem solving and working together.