State Legislature and Dramatic Budget Concerns

Gilbert Music Matters is now working with PLAN
(Parents Legislative Action Network):

In order to protect music in our Gilbert schools program, we must focus on the Arizona Stage Legislature and Governor as they seek to balance the budget. The state does not decide the funding of music programs. The individual school districts do that. But, the state does decide K-12 funding. Arizona is facing one of the most difficult budget situations in our state's history. K-12 already had significant cuts last year. However, in the coming months, there will be significant pressure to increase those cuts by three or four times as much in order to balance the budget. State cuts to K-12 will likely result to cuts in the Gilbert Music programs!

Use the PLAN web site above to contact our state leadership and send the clear message: Please do not solve this crisis at the expense of our students or on the backs of our teachers!

Education is the Solution!

The budget crisis is the result of an economic crisis. The key to long term sustainability in Arizona's economy and budget stability is education. Arizona does not have the diverse economy it needs because it is over-dependent on retail and construction. Growing, not shrinking education will nurture the entrepreneurs, creativity, and leadership Arizona needs to grow into the diverse economic power house it should be. And, of course, music is central to inspiring our youth forward in this cause with all of the creative, innovative, collaborative, and intellectual skills it fosters.

This budget crisis is temporary. It will pass and prosperous times will come again. When that happens, let's be sure the the most critical foundation for our long term future remains strong!

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